The Big Box Home for Wayward Plants

Before you set fire to my effigy, let me note that I rarely if ever shop at the big box hardware stores. Only as a last resort. And as it happens I frequented one twice in the last couple weeks to complete a project at home, and both times made my way over to the garden center. There, I found that dying plants are wheeled to the very back of the store to live out their remaining days, withering and marked down for a dollar.

So I ask you: Why let these plants die, simply because they occupied space in an undesirable location. That would be like letting the people of Arizona die off.

So for a total of three dollars we’ve rescued these three plants in the last couple weeks. On the left are a pair of tickseed that were about 75% brown when we retrieved them, and are now rounding themselves back into brilliant form. And on the right is a twilight primrose, which is perfectly fine, except it lost its blooms a little early. I tossed that in a container with the hope of nursing it back to health, and trying to get some fall blooms off of its stems.

Regardless, I’m a hero, and await my Nobel Plant Prize that I’m sure is coming any day now.

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